Control Electronics List

MOF-50 Temperature Control

Part #: MOF-50

The MOF-50 is a 4 channel heater control unit with a single channel water heater/cooler control.

Price: $2750.00

MS-330 - Dual PMT Control

Part #: MS-330

Dual power supply gain control and display of Eddy Co. MS-360 (180nm - 850nm) photo multiplier detector and low noise amplifier. This unit has an analog output of 0-10V.

Price: $2900.00

Part #: MS-360
Price: $2650

MS-340 - Hollow Cathode Power Supply

Part #: MS-340

This powers a hollow cathode lamp. The control range is .1 ma - 10 ma with a current stability of better than 1 part in 5,000. This unit may be in a closed loop system to regulate the lamp intensity to better than 1 part in 10,000.

Price: $2300.00

MS-361 - Laser Drive

Part #: MS-361

Computer interface with USB-2 to drive sweeping laser and measure reference and signal intensity. It is used with supplied LabView software.

Price: $1350.00

MS-362 - XY-Heat Control

Part #: MS-362

Dual signal input and dual stepper motor control used for XY measurement of cell sensitivity. USB-2 LabView program supplied.

Price: $3700.00

MS-364 - Quad Heater Control

Part #: MS-364

Quad heater control for up to 5 amp heaters. This controls up to 2 amps with manual switches to boost basecurrent up to 3 amps. USB-2 LabView program supplied.

Price: $3600.00

MS-365 - USB Dual Heater Control

Part #: MS-365

Dual heater control for reservoir cells and ring cells. This is controlled by a USB-2 connection to a LabView program on a standard PC. The program has a temperature setting, readout and a signal indicating a temperature lock.

Price: $2300.00

MS-367 - 29.5 db Amplifier 0.5-140 MHz

Part #: MS-367

50 ohm input and 50 ohm output amplifier with a gain of 29.5 db. This amplifier combined with a proper tuned circuit is used to excite a He cell.

Price: $2750.00


Part #: MS-373

Dual Temperature Control w/15 V Power Unit $580.00


Part #: MS-376

Diode Laser Head / Adapter $7,600.00


Part #: MS-391

Dual Temperature and Power Monitor $490.00


Part #: MS-402

Lock-in and PMT Gain Set $3700.00
Chopper and Sync $2,200.00
Rail System 2100.00
Standard Light and Supply1,400.00
Polarizer and Holder $1,500.00
770 Filters $105


Part #: MDL-1000

Diode Laser Drive Electronics $6,100.00

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