Test Stands & Accessories

MS-374 - Wide Eye Calibrator

Part #: MS-374

Hallow cathode supply with current up to 2.00 ma. stable to .0002 ma. Rechargeable battery with approximately 10 hours. Includes charger.

Price: $11,500.00

MS-376 - Laser and LabView Software

Part #: MS-376

Littman laser head and Labview control software. Software includes calibration to give results in mili-angstroms.

Price: $7600.00

XY Mover Base

Part #: MS-366

XY stage for filter profiling. Accurate to within .1 mm. X motion is 75 mm and Y motion is 50 mm. Driven by the MS-362.

Price: $4200.00

Hollow Cathode Lamp Enclosure

Part #: MS-368

Used for narrow band profiling measurements. Controlled by the MS-340.

Price: $1250.00

DC Coupled PMT Detector

Part #: MS-360

Photo Multiplier Tube with a range of 185 - 875 nm. Has a built in power supply. Built in low noise amplifier with a gain of x1 and x100. Adjustable gain by setting the multiplier voltage from 550v to 1000v.

Price: $2650.00

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